School Discount

Order 10 or more books in a single order and get 25% discount off the original printed price of the books.

Example:  Islamic Studies textbooks books have original printed price of $13 per copy. After the school discount the price will drop to $9.75. Similarly Arabic Writing Workbook has printed price of $10.  After school discount the price of the book will drop to $7.50. All other books will have similar discount. Some of the promotional books will have higher discount.

 All you have to do is to make sure your single order has 10 or more books (mix and match allowed).  

Discount for individuals

If you are a home schooler or a parent, you can still avail same discount as given to any school. The requirement is still the same, that you need to order at least 10 books (mix-and-match allowed) to get a 25% discount off the retail price.